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Keyboard Spy Circuit with Atmel Atmega8

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The keyboard on the computer recording the transactions in the know Keyloger programs between two PC’s with this circuit you can do the same process as wireless

Coding in C language prepared by a different project or my işetişi wireless data radio frequency control on the computer can be useful for people interested in Receiver Circuit is added to the cable connecting the keyboard to the computer via the keyboard atmega8-P sadder entered into before the circuit board to the computer is going through and transmitter circuits

Keyboard Spy Circuit with Atmel Atmega8 keyloger devresi

the actual Keylogger is relatively simple. First, the data lines of the keyboard must be tapped. The occupancy of a DIN or PS / 2 connector is simple and consists of only one data line, clock, earth and +5 V. However, it was found that the lines are open collector and otherwise very sensitive to additional circuitry, so that it not without additional hardware is possible to tap off the signals. The microcontroller will only analyze the data and not rich. As a useful component, the set 74HCT4053 out: This may the data lines “tap” and even interrupt. The keyboard is connected directly to mu.C and 4053 and the PC to the output of the 4053rd The circuit is supplied via the keyboard interface with voltage.
In addition, an ATmega8 microcontroller is still built in Minimum wiring and connected the radio module. Via the ISP interface , the processor can be programmed.

Keyboard Spy Circuit with Atmel Atmega8 casus devre alici verici

source blafusel.de Keyboard Spy Circuit with Atmel Atmega8 source code schematic alternative link: keyboard-spy-circuit-with-atmel-atmega8.rar alternative link2

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