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ILI9325 Touch-Screen Project TFT Atmega644 ELT240320ATP

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Atmel is a great project with a series of applications can be made super graphics used in this project Atmega644 the ELT240320ATP GLCD (320 × 240) driver ILI9325

Simple as iPhone menu has pacman game image representation, 3d varied menu and a lot more features there Atmega644 12MHz and operated micro sd card usb mouse keyboard hidden features such as it’s source code as well as the eagle pcb, diagram drawing given in.

support for ssd1297 lcds. these are found in a number of touch lcd players,
including the first version of the sylvania player. they are marked “ssd1297”.
define ssd1297 in lcd.cpp or the makefile.

important: the ssd1297 lcds have pin 11 and 21 connected to gnd. the 1v1 pcb has
these ‘nc’ pins connected to vcc. if you use a ssd1297 cover these pads with
kapton or non conductive tape or blue smoke will waft our of the device.

mmc fix for over-optimized code that failed on many manufacturers cards.

Suport for USB Hid and C# application for experimentation. A quick and dirty hack using Christian Starkjohann’s great USB code. The RossumUtil app exercises the connection, allows you to connect to the device, draw rectangles, blink leds etc. Enable with USE_HID define in Microterm.cpp.

Source: http://rossum.posterous.com/avr-homebrew-device-with-iphone-aspirations alternative link: ili9325-touch-screen-project-tft-atmega644-elt240320atp.RAR

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