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27 MHz Wireless Keyboard SPY Circuit Atmel ATmega64

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In an article “Symantec warns: each word or phrase that you enter on the wireless keyboard, can be tracked!” Was called I knew it was true, but such a project would never have thought I’d reached on the web

Circuit else is going on what is written in the wireless keyboard can be sent to computers for most of our tests uses a “microsoft wireless multi media” is done on the keyboard

Wireless Keyboard SPY

Wireless keyboard spy circuit ATmega-64 based on the usb link with the can be made sd card division, guess computer connection when it is not on the card data is written wi-fi antenna input, though there was a, we use the keyboard, the signal is very weak, but the circuit with a powerful antenna is connected happens wonder

All details have been shared source code files, etc. şema.pcb eagle. uygulamasa who work on the project with ATmega64 usb for communication, literacy issues sd card can sample codes feyza ready to PCBs may be edited for different projects drawing

Wireless Keyboard SPY Test

source remote-exploit.org/ Wireless Keyboard SPY schematic source code files alternative link 27mhz-wireless-keyboard-spy-circuit-atmel-atmega64.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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