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ATmega48 gas leakage Detector (MQ-4 sensor)

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Gas detector circuit ATMEGA48 microcontroller based on the used gas sensor MQ-4 gas when it detects buzzer with audible warning in addition to the RGB LEDs with a warning status reported in the blinking green, green, flashing red, red. PCB Design SMD components used half the size of a small Leak Gas Detector circuit Resources Bascom and hex codes DipTrace PCB drawing files there .. Gas detector circuit assembly with the ceiling of 10 …. 20cm distance must be gas source and the distance between the at least one meter must be

ATmega48 gas leakage Detector (MQ 4 sensor) mq 4 gaz dedektoru atmega48 kacak gaz dedektoru gaz sensoru

source: avrproject.ru alternative link: ATmega48 gas leakage Detector.rar

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