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ATmega16 Analog-Looking Digital Clock Project

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Atmega16 microcontroller in our circuit monitor 7 inch in size. Screen “3 inch” or “4 inch” may be, it doesn’t matter. We have the biggest screen by controlling the foot links we could find.

In circuit 7805 voltage regulated chip. 9 Volt battery restraints when it integrated provides the proper functioning of the circuit elements, constants and 5 volts.

Proteus isis circuit diagram;

ATmega16  Analog Looking Digital Clock Project proteus isis atmega16 glcd saat

Integration of the DS1307 circuit for clock function. This is the chip clock frequency 32.768 KHz crystal. DS1307 internal structure, integrated circuit a typical Foot connection shapes and hours link shape respectively the following illustration.

ATmega16  Analog Looking Digital Clock Project devrede saat islevi ds1307 entegresi saat frekansini 32 768khz kristal

Integrated circuit time signal from 5 and 6 hours. 3-volt CR2032 battery 3 end-to-end networked to that memory clock is not lost. Pull up resistors and two standing no. 5 and 6 as well as the processor 27-28 and 29 of the restraints the buttons. This is in keeping with the arrival of the signal logic status 1 pinlerdeki resistors beautiful preventing parasites.

Our processor is the Atmega is 16. We may also use the Atmega 32 this is not much different. Only capacity differs. Foot links are the same.

LCD screen located on the touchpad cable wear and use anywhere.

ATmega16  Analog Looking Digital Clock Project atmega16 saat devresi saat projesi lcd saat analog dijital saat glcd saat

ATmega16 Analog-looking digital clock for the project proteus isis schema, pcb and code files: ATmega16 Analog-Looking Digital Clock Project.rar

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