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AT89S52 Thermistor Circuit Thermometer LCD Display

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NTC Thermistor Thermometer based on AT89S52 circuit and HIH 3160 humidity sensor humidity and temperature information is given. Display LCD display circuit and there are two versions of the C source code and schema files have been prepared by Orcad.

AT89S52 Thermistor Circuit Thermometer LCD Display at89s52 thermistor thermometer

Thermistor Thermometer: LCD version: The ADC and thermistor circuits are quite the same as the 1st version. The ADC can be LTC1298 or MCP3202. Now with this design, P0 is used to interface LCD bus. SW1 is optional key switch. Since the number of I/O port are not many, we then can replace the 40-pin MCU with 20-pin MCU easily. J2 is available for connecting another sensor. The input range is 0 to +5V. HIH-3160 Honeywell Relative Humidity Sensor

Source: http://www.kmitl.ac.th/~kswichit/thermistorLCD/ AT89S52 Thermistor Thermometer LCD Display Alternative link: at89s52-thermistor-thermometer-lcd-display.rar

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