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Synthesizer Circuit AT89S53 AT89S52

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Musicians use a variety of sound-producing device “Synthesizer” When you are setting a very good quality work is making. AT89S52 and AT89S53 Synthesizer used in the project on the LFO, ENV FILTER, OSC, MIX and so on. There is also a very controlled 4 × 40 character LCD displays in a variety of information on HD44780. Synthesizer circuit’s PCB, schematics drawings have source code files ..

Synthesizer Circuit AT89S53 AT89S52 synthesizer muzik elektriksel sinyaller muzik synthesizer amfilerden

Source: as.elte-s.com/zrob/muzykant_13.htm alternative link: synthesizer-circuit-at89s53-at89s52.rar

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