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AT89C51 LCD display Frequencymeter Project

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Frequency in all matters relating to the definition based on frequency is required. In the same way the numeric (digital) Frequency frequency to do the same as the description of the circuit should be implemented.

Frequency: 1 frequency is called the number of periods per second.

Period: a wave of complete rotations made ​​to peryotlu (to speed). Completed the transfer periods are called waves.

Pulse: A pulse is called a half periods. One positive in the first periods, including the other two pulses are negative.

Frequency Unit: HERTZ defined. There are submultiples of value, but there are multiples of the base.

AT89C51 Frequencymeter Schematic

AT89C51 LCD display Frequencymeter Project frekansmetre 150x150

AT89C51 LCD display Frequencymeter circuit schematic, proteus isis simulation and keil soruce code files;
at89c51-lcd-display-frequencymeter-project.rar author: Abdülbaki Şahin

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