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AT89C51 DS1621 Thermometer Circuit

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AT89C51 Operation of the thermometer circuit DS1621 temperature sensor circuit using a digital thermometer will tell if I made​​. As a simple circuit operation is as follows; The numerical value obtained from the temperature sensor, microcontroller, with the help of the I2C serial communication protocol, this value is sent to the LCD and the microcontroller will eat more if I basıyor.biraz 16-bit microcontroller receives data from the sensor to the LCD in interpreting transfers.

AT89C51 Thermometer Circuit Schematic

AT89C51 DS1621 Thermometer Circuit lcd gosterge termometre devresi 150x150

AT89C51 DS1621 Thermometer Circuit proteus isis simulation schematic and keil source code at89c51-ds1621-thermometer-circuit.rar
author: Şenol KAHRAMAN

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