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Animated LED Advertising Signs Circuit

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Hello friends with you in this article are made using basic and simple method JAL language written with the animation project I offer LED advertising.

Nowadays, the increasing human needs require more advertising and more attention to the low cost of advertising signs withdrawal is requested.

Complete at this point is that LED technology to the rescue. Now the LED colors can be found in every shade of color. LED letters prepared in the desired size and shape is drawn directly burned. But tons of people moving or changing objects of interest in light of the results of some research that is more. Here in this letter is born out of the need to built a variety show with animations.

Animated LED Advertising Signs Circuit led reklam tabelasi devre ledler

This is an easy and economical way to do animation and environmental electronic kits can be done with the PIC.

LED letters CNC router machine for plastic board in the computer environment created by drilling is done and you can see examples of this pattern in many places.

LED sequence in the letters AUTO CAD programs such as Corel Draw As can be hand-drawn and available for viewing program with LED_DRAW plugin compatible with CNC ROUTER drawings can be automatically created.
So it is possible to do with available resources possible, of course if you’re going to say. But little need to deal with.

Advertise plywood or plastic, cardboard, according to the text size, which determines the range of LED output at fixed intervals from this point 5mm thick paste with the drill bit to drill the first part. All of these holes LEDs poles facing in the same direction placed. (LEDs turn according to the letter of the slope overlooking the ugliness is creating this image.) Additional Proteus 5LED way I show in the drawing of five parallel connected series of five letters is created.

LED Advertising Signs Project Test

If the LEDs on the letter does not come across as five valuable board behind the final five lines are required to complete five on the board so that all the LEDs will light of equal intensity. Have prepared a PIC programs is output transistor (BD241 (3a) or IRF840 (8a) n channel MOSFET) and applying each case respectively connected to a separate output. PIC is fed with 5V LED driver circuit must be supplied with 12V letters.

LED Advertising Signs Schematic Proteus isis

Animated LED Advertising Signs Circuit animasyon tabela isis pic16f877 jal 150x150 Animated LED Advertising Signs Circuit led harf olusumu 150x150

The LED Advertising Signs project isis ares pcb and simulation software files: animated-led-advertising-signs-circuit.zip

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