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Switch Mode Assisted Linear Amplifier (SMALA)

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Switch Mode Linear Amplifier

Switch Mode Assisted Linear Amplifier (SMALA) Switch Mode Assisted Linear Amplifier SMALA

A Switch Mode Assisted Linear Amplifier is a hybrid power amplifier topology, which combines a linear (Class-B) and a switch mode (Digital) amplifier in parallel to obtain the advantages of both designs without the drawbacks, resulting in an amplifier with both high efficiency and high fidelity. This thesis extends the technology to higher, more practical output power levels.

To ensure the design specifications were met, the design process was carried out in two steps, with a prototype amplifier being constructed and tested before the final design was completed. The prototype design produced an output power of 150W with distortion of 0.5% while the final design is capable of 400W RMS with greater then 85% efficiency. By using a multi level switch mode stage, the distortion of the amplifier was significantly reduced, without affecting the overall efficiency.

This thesis shows that high power SMALA designs can be made with efficiency similar to existing digital designs, while retaining low distortion levels usually only seen in linear amplifiers. Due to the high power and small size of a SMALA, the topology is well suited to the public address industry where small size and weight are important, but moderate distortion levels can be accepted.

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