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Amplifier Output Limiting Circuit

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The highest sound level amplifier volume, output to limit the amplifier to protect both audio bazul to prevent may be required this system in china goods 5.1 sound systems I’ve seen though they supplies full power under because they use these limitations have used, but whatever :)

System operation is simple amplifier from the output voltage is rectified transistor is controlled by the voltage level according to the led light is giving and LED across on the audio input connected to the chassis LDR represent the light level increases, the resistance is reduced so that the source audio signal falls, the sound and blinking naturally anf the output of the decreases in the circuit considered in making LDR to be anywhere other than the light from the LEDs in it to take the heat shrink sleeves or used black tape used

Amplifier Output Limiting Circuit audio amp output power limiter

Amp Power (8 ohm) Peak Voltage R3
20 W 17 V 820 R / 0.5 W
50 W 28 V 1.5 k / 1 W
100 W 40 V 1.8 k / 1 W
200 W 56 V 2.7 k / 2 W
500 W 90V 4.7 k / 2 W

Example LDR LED layout;

Amplifier Output Limiting Circuit vactrol ldr led bant

Audio Amp Output Power Limiter If you hire out audio equipment, or just don’t want the kids to blow up your speakers when you are not home, this is the project for you. It is a very simple little project, but will protect the speakers from being overdriven. Any attempt at overdrive will simply cut the amp gain back – the more overdrive, the more the input signal is reduced.

This is a simple peak limiter – performance is quite respectable, and it can be used with conventional amps using bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, valves, etc, as well as BTL (Bridge Tied Load) amplifiers in car audio systems or for hi-fi. It will work with any amplifier from about 10W up to the highest power you are likely to encounter.

source: sound.westhost.com/project53.htm

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