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Aluminum Soldering Method

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First seen during the apprenticeship period, the repair of my masters at a different soldering technique on a two-piece aluminum grease thoroughly with a soldering iron back and forth as excavations made ​​by continuous solder soldering soldering of aluminum have kept going after some effort

Our workshops are a lot of us were pretty rich there were strange material handling equipment including grease and the occasional odd jobs to do, but would be fitting cut mechanical works etc..

This method years later, in rare cases of mine worked for me, I’m fat instead of solder paste I use (lötfett) is important to be soldered surfaces of the air disconnect to inhibit oxidation for that matter a lot is available and soldering iron you how powerful the better results you will get 30. 40w soldering iron with a very hard, maybe too small thin pieces can be soldered

Aluminum Soldering Method lotfett lehim pastasi sogutucu

Aluminum Soldering Method sogutucu lehimleme pasta islem

Aluminum Soldering Method aluminyum lehimlendi 150x150 Aluminum Soldering Method aluminyum lehimleme 150x150

more professional method

Aluminium on the grease is driven below the oil with a knife scratches taken a two scratches would be enough fat layer air passage for blocking scratches with exposed in the interior oxide layer does not occur after the oil-coated surface iron and molten recine is dropped fat layer evaporates and surface resin coated staying Switching to the soldering process after at least a 100 watt soldering iron should be used

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