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ADXL05 Diğital Inclinometer Circuit PIC16F84

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microchip pic 16f84 how different circuits have been with. Display indicators that could measure the angle of inclination sensor information received through a circuit ADXL05 and 74HC164 microcontroller is displayed on the 7 segment display with PIC assembly language prepared by the software. Asm and protel pcb schema files available

Diğital Inclinometer PIC16F84 Project

ADXL05 Diğital Inclinometer Circuit PIC16F84 project accomplishes analog devices adxl05 accelero meter 150x150 ADXL05 Diğital Inclinometer Circuit PIC16F84 inclinometer sensor pic 16f84 150x150

Inclino meter The analog signal is sampled by an Analog Devices AD7896 12 bit, serial analog to digital converter. The PIC receives digital data from this device and performs some conversions on the data so that it can display the result on the 7 segment displays. A 74HC164 serial to parallel decoder is used because the PIC does not have enough pins spare to drive the 8 display segments seperately.

The circuit uses an ADXL05 Accelerometer to sense the inclination angle. In this particular arrangement, it can read from 0.0 to 89.9 degrees. VR1 provides a small amount of Gain adjustment, while VR2 provides an Offset adjustment which can be used to ‘zero’ the reading.

Inclination Measurement schematic pcb and assembly source code files: adxl05-digital-inclinometer-circuit-pic16f84.rar

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