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Advanced Resistor Calculator Program

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an Advanced Resistor Calculator program on the market that I share in special value resistors in the calculation that are not available to prepare a program that makes…

Advanced Resistor Calculator Program advanced resistor calculator direnc hesalama

Resistor calculation program, after opening the “required” section, you write the value of the resistance K (clay-Ohm) M (mega-ohms), etc. you can use abbreviations, or you can write directly on the figure as, for example, 1K 1000

The measured values are patched to the desired value directly in OHMS

Then right-select the shape and resistance of the connection in the menu “Calculate” button click OK a warning window will appear indicating the duration of said calculation the Calculated values, which gives more than one result that will appear after the program, if appropriate, the resistors are located you can use it if

In the right menu of resistor 2 serial ports, 2 parallel connection resistor, parallel connection of resistor 3 and resistor 2 Parallel + 1 Serial resistor calculation can be performed selecting the connection method, whether batch, select them all and select the individual you want to view all connection types according to the results the list a lot longer otherwise my suggestion would be the only choice in the menu crashes when you click on the button in light resistor

Program files: advanced-resistor-calculator-program.rar

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