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Quality Microphone Preamplifier Circuit AD-8648 Op Amp

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Microphone preamplifier circuit 5 volts to 20 volts dc voltage is working with measurements, operating characteristics quite well Circuit AD8648-ARZ SMD Op-amp based on the printed circuit board design is very good as is the practice of aluminum cans for supply and 9v alkaline is used very good results. Preamplifier Circuit 0-014% power supply 5v…20V DC

Microphone Preamplifier Circuit

Quality Microphone Preamplifier Circuit AD 8648 Op Amp mikrofon preamfi High Performance Microphone Preamplifier

Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_112108/article.html Microphone Preamplifier Circuit pcb, schematic alternative link: quality-microphone-preamplifier-circuit-ad-8648-op-amp.rar

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