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Class D amplifier Circuit 900w IR2110

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Class D amplifiers are used specifically for bass thanks to the study of very small size high power switching circuit can be used to değier 22UH iE33 coil may be wound on a core (other circuit 50uh). 900W Class D amplifier circuit design has very nearly the same for the second one on the other in the IR2110 IR2010 schematics and PCB drawings of both components have been used.

I have to deal with an intermediate class d amp for the job when iE33 material is found in the market interest me, but this is difficult to test the higher powers

Class D amplifier Circuit  900w IR2110 class d anfi 900w class d class d amplifier schema ir2110 ir2010

Attention 900w Class D amp circuit high voltage is working with +90 V-90V Tolam 180V dc Be careful capacitor connection Pay attention to the + – polarities reversed if you connect high-voltage large explosions could circuit before running the insured Power Line, wear safety goggles

IR2110 IR2010 900w Class D şema, pcb dosyalar: class-d-amplifier-circuit-900w-ir2110.rar alternative link2

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