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89C51 Digital Clock Circuit

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From the incoming data encoded in Port0 integrated 7-segment display with 7447 microcontroller integrated ulaşır.7447 binary code from the 7-segment display is used to show.

So when it comes to 0000 a, b, c, d, e, f, g edu yanmaz.7 segment display LED lights bağlanmıştır.paralel parallel to each other using the same bus to the 7-segment display 7 segment display by selecting different at different times that instant If you have selected to display the data which goes to him.

In practice, common anode 7-segment display is used. Port 2 is connected to the terminals of transistors oval. Transistors display the benefits of riding. that is used to select one of a display. With the help of a single button port3 hour, minute, alarm settings are made.

Port1.0 a alarm fitted. One end of the button being available to the microcontroller used in the other end of the earthing. If the button is not pressed resistance feature is to send a signal to the microcontroller 1. So the trigger button enabled microcontrollers with 0.

89C51 Digital Clock schematic diagram

89C51 Digital Clock Circuit 7segment display sayisal saat projesi 150x150 89C51 Digital Clock Circuit sayisal saat devre isis semasi 150x150

89C51 Digital Clock Circuit keil source code and proteus isis simulation schematic files: 89c51-digital-clock-circuit.rar author: @Neşe Horasan

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