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8051 PS2 Keyboard with LCD Writing Text

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PS / 2 protocol used text via a keyboard microcontroller applications that perform printing text on the LCD

The goal here Text via keyboard microcontroller to print text on the LCD. Through keyboard microcontroller contained in a code corresponding to each keystroke is generated. About scan code ASCII code is used as code corresponds microcontroller and LCD is switched to the found and processed. Circuit connectors are shown below:

8051 PS2 Keyboard Circuit Diagram

8051 PS2 Keyboard with LCD Writing Text 8051 keyboard ps2 8051 klavye klavye yazdırma lcd protokol

Analyzing Source code “t_lcd.h” and tarama.h named header files have been used. Contains functions that are required to drive LCD “t_lcd.h” header file is given below. “Tarama.h” header file for the PS / 2 keyboard scan codes corresponding to each of the keys are included.

Keil and proteus isis ares files to the 8051 PS2 Keyboard project: 8051-ps2-keyboard-with-lcd-writing-text.rar author: Hakan YALINIZ

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