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8051 Programmable Power Supply

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Circuit Operation: Circuit diagram appears in the 0-5 the entered value from the keypad circuit, which is connected to port P1 applied to the integrated DAC 0808 DAC output is obtained from the analog voltage. P0 port is connected to the 7-segment display of the absolute value of the voltage, which is connected to port P2 indicator shows the decimal value of the voltage. On the keypad “*” key to delete the entered value, “#” key, the entered value is used to convert the analog voltage. Output of 0-5 V 0.1 V-0, 2Volt precision analog voltage is obtained.

Programmable Power Supply Circuit Diagram

8051 Programmable Power Supply atmel 8051 dac0808 dijital powersupply 150x150 8051 Programmable Power Supply 7809 7809 7805 besleme devresi 150x150

8051 Programmable Power Supply Keil source code proteus pcb simulation files: 8051-programmable-power-supply.rar AUTHOR: @Ali İhsan UYSAL

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