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SMD 8 Pin SOIC Adapter (DIP Socket)

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I used the SMD integrated circuit designs and making the repair work doesn’t trouble many rarely PCB design to find the ingredients according to the sketch, but it’s unlikely to repair or trials if the normal DIP wire soldered onto SMD 8 pin integrated legs sheath cable is thrown or the thing that you are prepared for the PCB…

SMD 8 Pin SOIC Adapter (DIP Socket) soic adaptor soic adapter smd adaptor smd adapter 8 pin adapter

but me and a lot of people that uses DIP socket soldering much more affordable .. simple, but useful clue as I said, very rarely used, so to share never crossed my mind, but you see above photos by chance, the net when I saw I wanted to share that need attention socket Precision is actually a bit more agonizing type 16 pin DIP socket to be used in an integrated but it would be cool ..

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