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FT245BL USB Logic Analyzer Circuit 8-Channel

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PIC18F4580 made ​​with 4-channel logic analyzer circuit I shared 8-channel logic analyzer circuits having the microcontroller use made ​​of the USB logic analyzer circuit usb interface for the FT245BL used other help integrate the LM339 op amp and CD4069, CD4093 an additional power source without the need for direct USB port is supplied through all the driver files , with borland Delphi7 source code analyzer program and the eagle are drawings PBC scheme.

8-Channel USB Analyzer Circuit

FT245BL USB Logic Analyzer Circuit 8 Channel 8 channel usb logic analyzer circuit ft245 14msps mega samples

Source: http://elect.wikispaces.com/8+Channel+USB+Logic+Analyzer Analyzer Circuit circuit files alternetive link: ft245bl-usb-logic-analyzer-circuit-8-channel.rar alternative link 2

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