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760w amplifier circuit

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760w amp circuit is quite robust to noise ratio and low power depending on the quality pcb printed circuit drawing of circuit elements to be making more but makes it easier.

Anfi circuit NE5532, LM393, LM393 op-amp fan and temperature controls have on the circuit board pcb layout pcb drawing program with Sprint Prepared for Imaging and Print output can use the free Sprint Layout Viewer Program

Anfi + -41 volt circuit supply voltage of 82 volts dc high voltage is dangerous to be careful. Half of the transistor T10 and P4 potentiometer should be set between 2.1 volts to be given the current value of the key points on the diagram.

In addition to fan cooler that will be connected to the 12-volt LM741 and LM393 `s temperature control node, made ​​with NE5532 opamp’s tone control circuit

Source: http://www.hifi-forum.de 760w amplifier circuit pcb schematic Alternative link: 760w-amplifier-circuit.rar

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