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3 Bit Counter Circuit TTL 7447 74160 NE555

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74160 7447 3 bit counter designed with integrated tll. For each bit, 1 display, to drive displace 74,160 in 7447 and counting is used. 74 160 s 3-bit counter formed by connecting serial number of 74160 can be increased by increasing the number of bits.

Circuit NE555 square wave oscillator circuit to provide clock pulses and 50 Hz oscillator source used with the 4052. By pressing the START button 555 out of outputs HIGH level for a certain time. X1 output from 555 in 4052 to the “1” with the knowledge of the information in 50hz oscillator to give a total. X1 by taking exit 50 Hz signal that will be applied on the circuit in the output circuit 555 is “0” will continue until the counting.

Counter Circuit Schematic

3 Bit Counter Circuit TTL 7447 74160  NE555 sayici devre isis proteus

Counter Circuit proteus isis circuit files: 3-bit-counter-circuit-ttl-7447-74160.ZIP

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