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Digital Voice Recorder Circuit 60 120 Seconds

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The position of the material, is indicated on the print. (Refer to the wiring diagram.)

ISD1760 (60sec), ISD1790 (90sn), ISD17120 (120 seconds)
1N 4007
7805 3 LEDs bulbs
1 Piece condenser microphone
3 pcs 3 pcs 1K 4.7K 82K 1Adet
2 pcs 10K
7pcs 100nF 2 Piece 4.7 mF 1 Quantity: 470mf
Press the left key sw-Recorder
4 buttons, one for aux in jack connector
(Registration: yellow, busy, green, power: red LED)

When I first made ​​this circuit, has been a bit crappy. Then again I’m sure … I pressed formally organized.

Digital Voice Recorder Circuit 60 120 Seconds  isd1760 60sn isd1790 90sn isd17120 120sn digital volume control system

Digital Voice Recorder Circuit 60 120 Seconds  ses kayit


60 seconds that records audio output of this circuit is available on its own . For professional use aux outs from the desired output power of an amplifier can get .

Condans in the circuit with a very sensitive microphone can record voice , as you can position the jumper on the circuit , “Mic ” to ” Aux ” a taking records from the aux in jack you can get . This entry DVDs , VCDs , telephone, radio , mp4, you can save by applying the direct sound from devices such as PC . As Speaker 0.5W speaker from 4-16 ohms can use .

Our mains voltage for at least 5 volts. You can feed 12 volts . About a 5 volt regulated voltage for the circuit which does not influence the function of the fluctuation . When we give our power circuit , power circuit of us burned our Ledisi will notify you that it is ready to work .


To record rec / play key must be pressed and you should see the LED is on record . Record LED is lit for those of us of the circuit indicates that it is currently in the recording . Meanwhile, the LED should look busy . Because of our busy integrated LED lamp all their movements are translated for us . For example, our key while pressing the record , this LED lights means there is space for recording . If the light goes out when this record is the area to be filled . To end recording, press the switch again to stop the recording you can record swim .

PLAY: Play button and we can listen to the recording . Meanwhile, the busy LED will flash and the sound will go off when disconnected .

VOLUME : Volume button and we can also adjust the volume . Each press of the button will increase our fourth stage sound if pressed again after the 5th time will be minimal . Then again our will increase each time .
deleting records

If we engage our attention first press the Delete button LED lamp flashes twice and are prepared to integrate deleted . If we continue to press our hands without ever lifting , busy – lit LED goes off 7 times full and integrated with our very deletes all . This deletion can not be undone .


Is the forward button forward button . Before time runs out and then close the registry key , you can later add records . When you press the key again will make the registry entries received second place . Then the third row will make records . Here are the records of these “advanced ” button and you can choose . Every order we push through the next record . When you press the play button and then record player . If you hold a long time to reach the last record , and our place we hit the first one listing will be heard from the speaker means .

Note: The Aux input sound from the mic when you record the position of the jumper in place do not forget to Aux .

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