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6V 4AH Fake Battery

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Previously, “Fastening Capacitor” I reported the issue through 6800uF 2200uF electrolytic capacitor was coming :) is now a more advanced level three papers: Dr. Ramming tamirci_erh battery in the incident at the beginning of the history of a friend of my brother.

My friend, the deterioration searchlights me to change a new battery away getirdi.cihaz dismantle the battery when removing the battery inside is very light went on in my weird. I also compare it to the new battery has half the weight. 4 6V battery is a normal 700-800g 600g while the weight of the battery does not even come.

When you take the battery over the place opened, never minding guys fill one side of the cement been forced into a corner of a small 6V mini battery. Before I saw that same battery in battery-powered pen. connect them in series, held 6V alkaline batteries, the sand was packed inside. Azania way of easy money people forget humanity as eliciting sharp intelligence

Fake Battery

6V 4AH Fake Battery 6volt sahte cakma isildak akusu

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