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PIC18F46K20 6-Legged Robot Project

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6-Legged Robot Project PIC18F46K20 microcontroller and XBee modules based on two robot’s body, legs and so on. parts such as printed circuit boards prepared with a plaque. Processing is easier for plaque PCBs are used in a very robotic projects. PIC18F46K20 prepared by assembly source software. Asm and hex code there. Also ares proteus pcb, isis’s simulation files.

PIC18F46K20 6 Legged Robot Project hexapod robot

PIC18F46K20 6 Legged Robot Project hexapod robot 6 bacakli robot robot projesi pic18f46k20

In addition to the same project have a version made ​​with microcontroller PIC16F886

Sourcelar: innovelectronique.fr/2009/12/08/robot-hexapode-robot-fourmi/ac-limoges.fr/sti_ge/spip.php?article36 alternative link: 6-legged-robot-project-pic18f46k20.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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