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5X7 LED Display Font Generator Program

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5 × 7 LED display applications that you specify for the character’s hexadecimal format is generating code program visually on the display to design the appearance and ready codes in terms of time great would save the program to run Visual Basic vbrun60 dll files must be installed

5X7 LED Display Font Generator Program led display font program

By Brent Morse For generating hex data for use with creating 5×7 Fonts for LED displays. This was primarrilly designed for use with Mechanically Scanned LED Clocks / Message Display It will also convert a typed message to hexadecimal format you can paste in to your own ASM code. It sure made it easier to create custom fonts and images for POV devices

Source: morse-code.com 5X7 LED Display Font Editor Program alternative link: 5×7-led-display-font-editor-program.rar alternative link2 alternative link3 alternative link4

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