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555 Turn Off Time Calculator Program Timer Entegresi


NE555 with Turn Off Resistor R1 and capacitor C1 circuit according to the values ​​used in calculating the amount of time. At the same time apply R1′If you put a pot on the application to time series can achieve ayarıda.

This is a simple program that you POT,According to the values ​​of R1 and C1 can see the value of the minimum and Maxsimum. If you do not want to use POT value of the pot is 0 Enter the result of the values ​​of R1 and C1 can choose görebilrisiniz. After entering all the values ​​that are at the bottom of the pot is to use POT POT level adjustment while changing the value of the pot is on the scroll bar you can see the setting of the effect.


The program for this event is not just Turn Off Turn On circuit calculation circuit capable of. Turn On the circuit need to do is enter the appropriate values ​​in the normal way after finding circuitymiş values ​​such as turn on the circuit that is to use the values.

Free Pascal Program (Lazarus) developed with. We have been compiling a Win32 environment only. Simple but 555 saves time when you turn off the circuit.


Program file: 555-entegresi-timer, turn-of-suresi-hesaplama-programi.rar alternative link2

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