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High Power PWM Circuit 555 Mosfet

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In the diagram you can see the circuit, which integrates popular NE555 is used. This integrated using the PWM of a DC motor and / or a lamp is driven by PWM pulses. Together with the engine, the purpose of the lamp using the N-channel MOSFET is from obtaining a strong output. Of course it can change according to your own mind or you can remove. If the PWM, we have achieved through a pin PALS is a variable width.

High Power PWM Circuit 555 Mosfet power pwm circuit 555 smp60n06 pwms

Circuit RV1 via potentiometer is working quite stable between 0.5% and 99.5 % . In Scheme potentiometer RV1 the pulse width , that is used to adjust the frequency . Wherein the value of capacitor C1 is needed in changing the values ​​of these two materials is significant value in a certain frequency range can be provided. Charging and discharging of capacitor C1 is performed by diodes D1 and D2 . Q output of U1 D1, D2 and the RV1 potentiometer RV1 is realized within the loop while in a central position (50%) passed the capacitor C1 will discharge. C1 and D2 diodes via potentiometer RV1 will discharge faster . However, this process RV1 be in a position lower than the center position and the position of occurs in the decision to lower the lamp and the motor decelerates. On the contrary, the process works in the opposite situation .

Note : The circuit can be used as a small drill in terms of speed control . Or motor yacht lamp rather than a set of LEDs connected.

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