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400W Amplifier Circuits 2SC5200

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I think it’s one of the cleanest I’ve ever shared 400w amplifier circuits. potentiometers for setting the current calm, etc., with no need to make critical areas should be on the same printed circuit board feeding times specified values in voltj power transistors, except with less material. Amplifier output power transistors used 8 2SC5200 working voltage 2x75v dc circuit, placement, assembly drawings and Bill of materials.

400W Amplifier Circuits 2SC5200 400w amp 400watt power amplifier

power supply for diode bridge 35 amps metal straightening in the sight of the used filter capacitors is 2 pieces 2 pieces instead of 10,000 6800uf uf is better to use the

Note that the 400 watt amplifier circuit, be careful when working with high voltage capacitor connections if you connect the high voltage polarity + – large explosions could be Insured before you run the circuit power line, use protective eyewear

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