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3W Power Led Driver Circuit (PWM)

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3w power led drive prepared for the circuit uc3842 and uc3845 PWM control ICs prepared with two circuit diagrams ™ connectivity first circuit uc3842 used two LEDs connected in series, the power MOSFET is irlz24n other 3w LED driver circuit, the u3845 is controlled by 10 LEDs connected in series in this circuit that extend MOSFETs If irf3205 circuit input voltage 10v …. 30v between the 3w power LED driver circuit implementation of the picture does not appear in, but MOSFET small with a cooler, I suggest using .. The first circuit current limiting resistor (R4) account 1v/ak my result according to the resistance to be used writes resistance of the power of the say that there should be less than 0.5W …

This power led driver circuit has been produced in a powerful light-emitting diodes, to 1500mA power supply. by the classical buck or step-down DC / DC converter schematic connection with the current efficiency.Input voltage: 10-30V. The maximum output current of 1500mA

3W Power Led Driver Circuit (PWM) high power led driver step down dc dc converte 3w led

source: ly3ci.com/3W_LED_driver.html alternative link: 3w-power-led-driver-circuit-pwm.rar

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