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350 Watt Studio Amplifier Circuit MJL21193 MJL21194

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Quite strong quality studio symmetrical amplifier circuit supply voltage + – 2×70 total of 140 volts dc volts DC Volts high voltage, be careful.

Of the amplifier to the power supply 500 Watt 2 × 50-volt transformer see your work output transistors for the 4 × 4 MJL21194 and MJL21193 used prices can be high, but for this work have been produced quite powerful transistors also this power amp for your circuit output protection circuit would recommend The circuit will have to do . Circuit 8-ohm speakers with 4-ohm speakers with 200w 350w is powering.

The power supply used in the scheme is 6 8000uf kullansat 10000uF can use this value instead of a little hard to find. If the bridge diodes to be used should be 35 amps metal type power transistors used for cooling as in the picture large honeycomb cooling fan for better cooling, and even, I would suggest you to connect

PCB quite stylish in design and clearly amp circuit diagram also contains voltage information in critical areas in the test, trial operations will work for you.

350 Watt Studio Amplifier Circuit files : 350-watt-studio-amplifier-circuit-mjl21193-mjl21194.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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