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30W RF Power Amplifier Circuit Project

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High-frequency RF Power Amplifier is a device that is able to change (amplify) the amplitude of the input signal using power supplied from the power supply. This energy is transformed into the amplified output signal and partly on the heat (the amount of the dissipated power radiated as heat is dependent on the efficiency of the amplifier). It can be seen as the active dvojbran. [1] Amplifier is one of the most widely used device in high-frequency RF Amplifier circuits. From the point of view of the width of the transmitted bandwidth can amplifiers divided into broadband and narrowband. The exact definition, when there is a narrowband amplifier and when the broadband amplifier is not uniquely determined. Generally a narrowband amplifier is considered to be one which satisfies the condition

Power Amplifier RF Circuit

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RF Amplifier Base modulator

This type of modulator is referred to as a modulator with low levels. In principle, the modulation signal applied to the base-circuit transposed to the input high-frequency voltage. This type of modulator affects the operating point of the amplifier, and therefore it is with this fact should be considered when its proposal. The efficiency of the modulator is calculated as

RF Amplifier Preamplifier stage

This stage has the task to amplify the input signal for the further processing of the main power stage. My work in the classroom And because of the minimum distortion. Due to maximum simplicity of construction it was decided to takeover catalog wiring of three-stage amplifiers [14]. This wiring had to be modified. For us wrong the available transistors have been replaced by equivalent (BC547, ZTX653 and BD135) and above all it was necessary to modify the working class of second and third tier, which in the datasheet of the involvement of work in the a class. All the wiring has been modified and verified in the environment of OrCad Capture. The power amplifier is 15V.

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