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30V 300W SMPS Circuit Project TOP261EN

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Claas D power supply smps TAS5613 For the design of the power supply of the power to TOP261EN 300W is available on the market a large number of integrated control circuits switching power supplies. For the design is selected integrated circuit from the TOPSwitch family of one of the largest manufacturers of switching power supplies Power Integrations. From the available circuit is selected TOP261EN belonging to a series of HX, it is possible to realize a smps power supply with maximum output power of 333W, according to. The manufacturer allows on his website download a freely available design software switching power supplies, this is a program PIExpert. In tab. 4.2 are listed the input parameters for the design of smps using the program PIExpert.

30V 300W SMPS Circuit Project TOP261EN smps circuits smps projects smps schematic top261


the TOP261 is one of the most powerful integrated circuits firm Power Integrations, can be with him to reach a power output of up to 333 W when using with a case of the esis-7C. Switching frequency up to 132 kHz is suitable for minimizing the size of the transformer. The circuit is equipped with thermal protection, when the temperature reaches 150 °C is automatically the circuit turns off. For re-closing occurs after the temperature drop of 70 °C…. The circuit also includes a detection function undervoltage, where starts the switching of the transistor if it is on the input capacitor to achieve the necessary voltage levels. When power failure prevents restart until the output voltage gets outside of the desired range. This eliminates outages caused by disturbing pulses, which may cause discharging of the input capacitor. The circuit also includes the function of “standby”, when that has very little consumption. “Soft start” feature minimizes swells voltage at device boot start takes 17 ms, and occurs at every boot and disable thermal protection.

30V 300W SMPS Circuit Project TOP261EN top261 30v 300w smps circuit schematic 120x120

TOP261EN arise in the primary lead of the transformer voltage spikes, which is necessary to filter out, therefore, to the circuit included transil P6KE200A with nominal power of 5W in series with using transil is involved fast diode D1 in the reverse direction. Voltage and current protection is set by the serial combination of resistors R7 and R8 connected to the pin In the control circuit. Pins S, X, F are connected to the ground. Pin C is connected to the optocoupler PC817, which together with the voltage reference TL431 consists of the control feedback.

30V 300W SMPS Circuit Project TOP261EN smps top261 pcb 120x120 30V 300W SMPS Circuit Project TOP261EN smps top261 pcb 2 120x120

30V 300W SMPS Circuit Project TOP261EN srcb 300w smps circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: 30v-300w-smps-circuit-project-top261en.rar alternative link2

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