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STK080 Amplifier Project

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My brother @ TamircihasSTK080 have made an amplifier with a nice supply of Anfi is symmetric 2 × 24 volt 60 watt transformer can use

Friends of amplifier circuit printed circuit boards has been prepared by me. Circuit gain and excessive background noise is reduced to 22 to prevent deportation circuit is now working smoothly. After installing the transformer circuit with the circuit between the diode bridge will connect only 6 amp filter capacitors that are on the circuit.

STK080 30Watt Amplifier

STK080 Amplifier Project stk080 40watt amplifikator 150x150 STK080 Amplifier Project stk 080 anfi 40watt 150x150

STK080 AF output power amplifier
THD=0.3%, f=20 to 2OkHz
Recommended supply voltage + – 27 volt
Maximum supply voltage + – 39 volt

STK080 Amplifier proteus ares pcb file: STK080 30 Watt amfi devresine ait dosyalar: stk080-amplifier-project.rar

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