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30V Adjustable 10A Regulated Power Supply Circuit

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Power supply circuit 1.2v – 30 volts adjustable voltage 0 – 10 amps have short circuit protection features adjustable fan control lm337 mosfet buk416 been designing reinforced negative regulator LM358 opamp designed with solid control. Prepared with Eagle’s circuit schematic and PCB drawings

30V Regulated Power Supply Circuit

30V Adjustable 10A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Zasilacz podwojny

I would like to share with you my project dual power supply. The project was created on paper so you do not have full documentation to the tiles that have been made ​​in a very simple way using a special pen in addition to platelet stabilizer. These tiles bought from documentation in an electronics store. Brief characteristics of the power supply:

-AC has two independent branches with galvanic isolation -Output power supply can operate as a series or parallel
-Additional output 5V and 3A current-limited -System has thermal protection which the heat sink temperature of 95 ° C disconnects the output from the load -Threshold load shedding when the voltage drop at the output will be below the limit set for the help switch “CUT OFF” 0.7V, 3V and 12V -OVERLOAD Overload Protection that shuts off the stabilizer in the power supply, the reset button to return to work the stabilizer

The power supply voltage used the four measures based on ICL7107 converter and a temperature gauge on the system ATMEGA8 PLED display that I bought on Allegro. Each meter has its own voltage DC / DC converters in order to isolate the mass of the system. For cooling, the power supply used a very quiet and efficient fan size 12cm x 12cm company NMB. The transformer has the power of 600W and provides 2 x 24V voltage.

30V Adjustable 10A Regulated Power Supply Circuit regulator devresi power supply 150x150

Source: elektroda.pl Power Supply Circuit schematic pcb files alternative link :10amper-30volt-guc-kaynagi-regulator.rar alternative link2 alternative link3 alternative link4

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