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2X40W Amplifier Circuit TDA1560Q

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TDA1560Q is an integrated bridge amplifier operating in class B and H. The amplifier is able to deliver load power 8W 30W at maximum distortion of 0.5% (40W; THD = 10%). The supply voltage of the amplifier is in the range of 8 to DC 18V with maximum demands in the supply branch 4 – 6A. With a supply voltage range 8- 18V circuit is predestined to design amplifiers for cars. The voltage gain amplifier is 30 db at 55 db channel separation. Input impedance is 100 – 300kW. The integrated circuit is housed in a casing SIL17 that can be compactly mounted on

 2X40W Amplifier Circuit TDA1560Q pcb tda1560q amplifier circuit parameters

TDA1560Q Amplifier Circuit Parameters

· Very high power output
· Low power dissipation without music signal
· Minimum of external components
· MODE function (MUTE, STANDBY, Class-B, Class-H)
· Thermal, short-circuit and overcurrent protection
· Diagnosis circuit (output DIAG)
· Fixed voltage gain (30 db)
· Short-circuit resistance to ground, supply voltage and the output terminals

TDA1560Q Schematic Diagram

 2X40W Amplifier Circuit TDA1560Q tda1560q schematic diagram

TDA1560Q that caught my attention at first glance, so I went into his design and construction. If you do not have adjustable frequency signal source, so we have to tackle building volume control and correction, which has been on the Internet and in described by many magazines, so I do not mention.

2X40W Amplifier TDA1560Q PCB schematic files download: 2x40w-amplifier-circuit-tda1560q.rar alternative link2

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