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250W Amplifier Circuit Modfet 2SJ162 2SK1058

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A quality 250w MOSFET amplifier circuit supply voltage + 67 – 67 volts, 134 volts symmetrical assembly and testing stages of testing, be careful. Pcb circuit drawings, layout and bill of materials are available. Output MOSFET 2SK1058 3 (N-Channel) 2SJ162 (P-Channel) drive solid MJ, BC-type transistors consist of.

50k VR1 potentiometer can adjust sound settings for the desired level VR2 470Ω potentiometer for setting the quiescent current adjustable from 60mA….100mA

Amplifier circuit supply section on a separate card, this card will be the capacity of the filter capacitor 10000uF or use them better. In addition, bipolar version of the file there.

250watt amp pcb, schema files: 250w-amplifier-circuit-modfet-2sj162-2sk1058.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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