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EEPROM copier circuit Atmel AT90S2313

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In particular, a lot of people dealing with television repair business that would work with an EEPROM circuitry in copying a one-to-one can copy my eepromu.

Copy circuit Atmel AT90S2313 built on a beautiful application PBC and. Hex. Thousand source files have the monitor television from various devices like 24xx series EEPROM using frequent failures of devices performing eprom files kpyalayıp backup can take a solid archives can create

EPROM copier

EEPROM copier circuit  Atmel AT90S2313 at90s2313 eprom copy

The device “Reader” (hereinafter referred to simply as “device”) is a standalone device designed to work with nonvolatile memory EEPROM chips with I2C protocol tires 24 xx series and their analogs The device allows for reading, writing, editing these chips, as well as chips proshitoy comparison with the original.

source master-tv.com EEPROM copier circuit alternative link: eeprom-copier-circuit-atmel-at90s2313.rar

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