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PIC16F88 230V Fan Controller Timer Circuit

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Circuit High Voltage is working with Attention Control circuit supply from the mains without isolation were taken when making connections while testing Be Careful used microcontroller PIC16F88 high voltage to control the triac used BTA08-600TW unfortunately source pic .asm code does just hex code there at least this type of circuit design people to ready for PCBs or transformerless supply for the PIC circuit from a reliable source for those who want to

Features of PIC Timer Circuit

Fan runs for preset time period Connects to standard fan wiring using original switch Adjustable time period from 20 seconds to 22 minutes Immediate timer start or delayed timer start (selected by single on-board jumper link) Up to three times period extension using immediate timer mode Piezo sound indication for switch on and period extension

PIC16F88 230V Fan Controller Timer Circuit 220v fan zamanlayici

Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_105318/article.html

Microcontroller PIC16F88 pic assembly source code 230V Fan Controller Timer Circuit schematic pcb Alternative link: pic16f88-230v-fan-controller-timer-circuit.RAR alternative link2 alternative link2

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