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Velleman Kits Mixed Electronic Circuit Diagrams

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Velleman known across the world too big a company engaged in sales of electronic products in many areas because they show activity in a precise definition’ve bulunana electronic circuit kits ready power supply test equipment product groups have a lot of cables apparatus

Is important for us to offer for sale some of their electronic circuit kits diagrams in PDF format several circuit diagram free download files in the circuit diagram described in detail (English) list of materials PCB top view of the kit finished version of the image (some do not) it’s never a circuit pcb drawing is not.

Mixed circuits

amp circuits, alarm circuits, led circuits, relays triac circuits control, sensor drive control, AC / DC motors of access control systems, dimer, power supplies, etc. pre amp. There are a few among many micro-controller based circuitry may be added, but I overlooked them do not take into account because the software files. As a source of reliable operation of the circuit, such as a very low probability.

Source http://www.velleman.be/downloads/0/

Velleman Kits Mixed Electronic Circuit Diagrams download alternative links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hx0grz4m6tt84z/230-adet-karisik-elektronik-devre-semasi-velleman-kit.rar


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