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Starting with 220V Led Strip

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LED lamp projects a similar application in this circuit LED strip groups directly 220v rectified operated sufficiently strip LEDs connected in series for voltage limitation does not need previous post as mentioned in 220v directly into direct use is not healthy but commercially using a bit in the lifetime depends on the condition, of course, in the network sudden significant fluctuations in

LED circuit used 18 strands separate cut strips of 3 LEDs connected resi 4 1N4007 used 220v As for straightening …

Starting with 220V Led Strip led strips with 220v serit led 220volt

CAUTION be careful when working with high voltage Circuit has voltage connections, make sure the threat of death if you connect the high voltage poles + may be large explosions – the insured before you run the circuit power line while working, do not touch the circuit, use protective eyewear

source: inventable.eu/2011/12/19/tiras-del-leds-con-220v/

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