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LED Projector Circuit

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About half are led projector average 210 units, all the LEDs on the PCB is placed with a 3x serial ports. White LEDs for lighting should be used, but you can specify the color of the led suit your mood. Draws 10mA 20mA to the LEDs 330ohm 160ohm would suggest that attracts circuit for LEDs is working with 12v circuit by changing the value of the resistor, the circuit can operate at lower voltages.

Proteus ARES PCB Circuit images belong to the projector;

LED Projector Circuit 210 ledli projektor devresi proteus ares 3d

LED Projector Circuit 210 ledli projektor devresi proteus ares pcb

If a remote area round lens 5mm LEDs illuminate a narrow zone LEDs illuminate the fungus would suggest if you have the circuit is normal for the LEDs on the system is extremely efficient. It is especially good for fishing buddies comfortable 12v 5A runs on battery. Mcd LED light power will be used and the quality is very important. If you use mushrooms led mc get at least 90 degrees in 2000. Circuit is modular panels according to need can be obtained by combining a stronger light power.

PCB Circuit Projector Proteus Ares file: led-projector-circuit.rar

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