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20AMPS 200AMPS Battery Charger Circuit

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Circuit bit confused :) but very powerful and has nice features automatic protection circuit PWM current control is doing the reverse link and a quick charge system has a heat protection

20AMPS 200AMPS Battery Charger Circuit 200ah aku sarj

The type of a battery: Acid lead battery Nominal filling tenseness: 12V Capacity which can be spent: 20..200Ah Charging current: 0..20A [C/10=@100percnt] Filling tenseness: Acid temperature compensation (optionally automatic) -30mV/°C @14,2V

Capacity 0..200Ah Battery age 0..6v (optional) Stop, filling stopping Riding slowly, filling mode of operation setting Filling modes of operation [Led] Terminal voltage [V] Charging current [A]

Function: automatic Function cycle: 3 (framing, filling, end filling) Launch tenseness: Ub>9V Framing: 9..12,5V-ig* @20percnt [Form] Filling: 12,5…14,2V-ig* @100percnt [Rapid] End filling: …15V @20percnt [drop]

Reverse polarity protection At least tenseness protection (9V) Tirisztor heat runaway protection Network leave protection (program protection) Touch protection: IP20 with defender earthing

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