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2X100W Class D Amplifier Circuit HIP4081A

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HIP4081A two-channel output stage amplifier working in class D power 2×100 W to the load 8 Ω. For its construction are used mostly SMD components to the parasitic characteristics of the conductive connections shown what at least. The end-amplifier working in class D was designed in the “non-integrated” version in engagement with each of the operational amplifiers, the comparator and the driver Mosfets. His involvement includes a self-oscillating sigma-delta modulator of second order.

Class D Amplifier HIP4081A Circuit

2X100W Class D Amplifier Circuit HIP4081A amplifier class d power amplifier sigma delta modulator preamplifier

Were selected operational amplifier LT1220 company Linear Technology. This the amplifier has a unit gain at the frequency 45 MHz and it is stable even when the unit amplification. Connected with resistive trimmer with him can be corrected by the offset value. For quantization is used very fast comparator MAX913. This comparator can be powered by a symmetrical voltage source and has complementary TTL outputs. Therefore, it can be its logical outputs to connect directly to the exciter terminal of transistors HIP4081A

Circuit of the exciter transistors MOSFET The switching transistors are in the design energized by circuit HIP4081A from the company Intersil. This circuit is designed to drive transistors MOSFET involved in the full bridge. His the maximum switching frequency is 1 MHz. Modulator amplifier would have to start work, if it were not for the connection of the power supply voltage charged to “bootstrap” capacitors. Circuit HIP4081A however, in the transition of the voltage at the pin DIS (disable circuit) from logic level 1 to 0 switches on for about 500 ns of the lower transistors in the full bridge. By is provided charge of the “bootstrap” capacitors. Class D Overcurrent protection is provided by sensing the voltage on the resistance of 0.015 Ω. This protection ensures the protection of the end grade only when a short circuit between the output conductors. The flip-flop circuit type D connected in comparators deactivated when the short-circuit both channels by applying logic 1 to the inputs of the DIS circuit HIP4081A

2X100W Class D Amplifier Circuit HIP4081A 200w class d power amplifier hip4081a

2X100W Class D Amplifier Circuit HIP4081A srcb hip4081 class d amp circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: 2-100w-class-d-amplifier-circuit-hip4081a.rar alternative link2

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