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160W IGBT Amplifier Circuit

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Anfi circuit output stage GT20D201 (p-channel IGBT) and GT20D101 (n-channel IGBT) used quite a quality amp circuit printed circuit board design also pretty stylish circuit 8 ohm speakers with 88W 4 ohm speakers with 146w RMS real power can give noise (THD Total Harmonic distortion) level is very low 0.002% (1kHz) input Impedance 47.7

Quiescent current setting is done with P2 1k trim pot amp input signal is idle before entering the current drawn by the speaker to be between 200 to 100 …. P2 trim pot should be set. Circuit of the power supply circuit for resource discovery 2x30v 2x43v after rectification diode bridge transformer may 350w ac dc high voltage 86v In total there is going to be careful is that value-hander.

In addition, there are speakers Node delay getting supply from the transformer Beware The same delay is going 2x30v ac circuit. 1.5mm output coil of wire wrapped around 8 to

160W IGBT Amplifier Circuit pcb schematic: 160w-igbt-amplifier-circuit.rar alternative link2

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