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12V Relay Coil Simple Shock Circuit

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12V Relay with a few changes made ​​over a simple electronic circuits, made ​​of shock. Shock NE555 integrated circuit used in addition to the 0.05 mm wire from the relay coil windings added 200 sip. High voltage low current during the test, but be careful and wear safety goggles fused electrical line

Simple Electric Shock Circuit

12V Relay Coil  Simple Shock Circuit elektronik sok role 12v

The EL luminous films seem to come more and more in vogue among hobbyists. For this reason I made the film with my broken clock some experiments. Mainly it was about to build an appropriate voltage converter.

To save a lot of work at the transformer I have wrapped a relay coil (12V) for this purpose. The already existing wire stays on the spool and is soldered to cable. Thereafter, a further coil is wound on the old. This coil is made of thin copper wire (approximately 0.05 mm), with about 200 windings have been applied. Also there again solder wire, and finished the transformer.

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