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12V 7ah 1.3Ah battery charging regulator circuit with L200

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the Battery Charger circuit (lead acid SLA) L200 regulator chip on the circuit board resistor and the diode on the positive 1.3 Ah or 7AH batteries or you can charge with the change of the commutator of the PCB and edit the drawing, by adding the jumper, you can make gradual Proteus ISIS Proteus Ares PCB circuit.. with a schematic drawing of the battery charging prepared with the source drawing files.

The battery charging circuit performs a @pvvm.c thanks to people who contributed to preparing comments below @pvvm.c belongs to my teacher.

Battery Charger circuit diagram

12V 7ah 1.3Ah battery charging regulator circuit with L200 l200 12v 1 3ah aku sarj l200 battery charger circuit

with this circuit 12V1.3AH-acid batteries can charge controlled. the charging current is close to constant as 160ma. you connect it to your battery charger when charging, the charging LED will light up and in the meantime…around 14.5 V 15V opto tl521 regulated by detecting the start of a tension sets up. the voltage of the battery reaches the charge level and stops charging when the LED turns off. around 13.3 v regulation voltage value becomes the flotation.

As you can see in the picture below, the circuit is made and were tested. if you do, note the following:
1 – Integrated cooler L200 necessarily connect.
2 – The LED on the charger should be the ones that burn red and bright.
3 – 24V 1A AC Input should be around at least my provided.
4 – 12 (ohm) 2W 27r resistance via parallel resistors and tie and you do not find the 12 you can get.
5 – this circuit does not charge damaged batteries. for these quenching should be applied.

the 12V 7A battery if you’re going to charge if you:
0R6 3W 3W resistor, 2R7, 3R3 resistance 2W 3W 12, 1N4007 or 1n5408 diodes change.
In this case, the charging current will be 700mA.

12V 7ah 1.3Ah battery charging regulator circuit with L200 l200 regulator aku sarj devresi 12v aku sarj 7ah sarj 1 3ah sarj

source: http://pwmccs.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/l200-ile-12v-1-3ah-aku-sarj-devresi/

alternative link: 12v-7ah-1-3ah-battery-charging-regulator-circuit-with-l200.RAR

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