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H Bridge 12V 100W Motor Driver Circuit Project

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You can see in the diagram 100w motor control circuit with DC +12 V circuit. HCF4098 is provided by the engine control circuit . Cd4098 inside the double precision has a monostable multivibrator . ( I02 and I02B ) Device for application of a voltage limitation that can be reset and re-triggered provides webpages . RX and CX external resistor , a capacitor can be adjusted with an external timing control is provided. RX and CX values ​​Q and Q ‘ outputs and adjusts the pulse width are independent of each other . R5 is a resistor divider .

H Bridge 100W motor drive circuit diagram ;

H Bridge 12V 100W  Motor Driver Circuit Project 12v 100w motor kontrol

Timer I01 , I02 and generates trigger signal for I02B multivibrator , the frequency width F = ( R1 + R2 ) * has the formula C2 . For DC motors , I02 and I02B multivibrator output is obtained from the two signals which have the same width , T1, T2 ( p -channel) , and T3 and T4 ( n -channel) MOSFET with the DC motor takes terslenerek . P1 potentiometer allows the DC motor speed control .

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